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Hello All,
I have stumbled on to this site and your posts are very informative.

My Mother was diagnosed with ILD, I think back in Oct. They had found a tumor on her left lung and did some breathing test to see if she was fit for surgery, the surgeon said "no way". She did not transfer enough oxy between the lungs, half of her lungs were already hardened and with only 1/2 of a good lung she would not
survive surgery or life without a ventalator (she was only ransferring 11%, not sure what you call it).

They instead did chemo and radiation to reduce the tumor and the chemo for a lymph node. She was had been coughing a lot and she always said it was "allergies", she smoked and work in resturants for 60 years, they said that smoking did not cause it but it did not help it.

Moving on to the cancer treatment she got sick and devleoped a UTI during chemo which put her in the hospital. Almost immedialty she had to be put on oxygen, SOB, caughing so hard but nothing coming up, all the dr's said it was her lung disease and not the cancer or the radiation. She continued to do the 38 readiation treatments and only 6 out of 12 chemo.

Moving on, after her treatment of course the tumor shrunk to 1/2 and will continue to shrink according to the radiologist, we go at the end of the month to see. K, bring us today, she has RA and osteoprosis and compression fractures she is on 5 mg of predinsone and has been before the cancer treatment, and oxy 3Liters since December. We have waited until she has recovered from the treatments before we went back to the lung specialist, of which I do not like, the only information we recieved about the ITL was from the surgeon. We need to check into this lung thing, she is very tired and in pain from the osteo fractures but complains about her air more than anything. At this point she will problay never be off oxy, she can't walk 50 feet and back without it, she get's so exhausted afterwards. There is a major crackle when she breaths but she does not cough anymore and she does not smoke anymore.

With the predinsone for the inflammation in her joints and from what I read here for the inflammation in her lungs is that all they can do for her. She is on pain med's for her back and her chief complaint is the tiredness, she finished radiation the middle of Feb which should be ample time for the fatigue to reduce somewhat.

I read that this disease causes fatigue, have you found that it does? I thought maybe it was the pain med's causing it. I would love to see if anything would help her not be so restricted by the oxy, and maybe only have it at night when she sleeps. She is a very proud lady and hates to go out and have people see her with the oxy on, so she does not go out.

We go to many Dr's, rummy's, Gp, radiologist and oncologist, one trip per week is all she can do, I want her to see a lung specialist but afraid that after the trip they will just say nothing else to be done, but then I think let's try and get her to one, you never know. Any advise, we also live in the midwest with the "bad soil" and farmer's lung, my Uncle on my husbands side has it also.

Any thing any of you all would suggest, I would love to see her out and about her house and not stuck in it all the time, the high humidity here just kills her both breathing and RA, I want to see her better but I am wondering after reading your posts if is the ITL that is hurting her more than what I have thought. God Bless and any advise is so welcome. Denise

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