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Hi jewels,
You're on the right track---the idea with pneumonia is to cough up the phlegm. You must drink at least 6 - 8 glasses of water to help thin the secretions making it easier to cough up. You should take deep breaths and cough every 1 - 2 hours while awake. You should not lie flat in bed, sitting at a 45 degree angle or more helps promote proper lung expansion and help secretions to mobilize. Don't stay in bed all day that's the worst thing you can do. Get up and move around, sit at the dining table for meals , walk around your living room --movement will prevent complications but you don't need to tire yourself out.Try not to take pain meds unless you are actually having pain as they can depress respirations. Take your temperature once daily or if you're feeling feverish and call the MD if it goes over 101 degrees. Make sure you're eating and include liquid nutrition drinks (like ensure) if you don't feel like eating. Make sure you finish all of the antibiotic. If you do everything suggested you should be fine. Alot of people are treated for pneumonia at home and usually do fine.

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