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[QUOTE=pursie]hi kat here ive been odered to go for a chest exray and i used to smoke im 36 now but i had loads of chest infections mild ashma etc, i know there is something there on my left bottom lung all my chest infections went mto this area, what are all your symptoms and what promted all this testing for you in the first lots of love and prayers to alll on this board katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/QUOTE]
Hi Kat! Sorry for delay in answering you. Thought this post was on page 4 by now!! I didn't have any symptoms, per se. No coughing up phlegm or blood, no problems breathing...I just had an excrutiatingly painful rib, after a cold, and it happened two years in a row, so my GP sent me to a thoricic surgeon to see if he could figure out what was causing the rib pain. The nodule itself is too small to cause symptoms, and wasn't the cause of my pain. Just one of those "Oh the rib is nothing, but look what else we found" kind of things. LOL!
Did you get your tests done yet? If so, how did they come out? Wishing you
good results.

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