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[QUOTE=connie1223]Just saw your post, I got similar results last week, my doctor said that it is something, but would not say more.He said to have another xray in 3 months to see if it is still the same. I was wondering what has happened to you since you posted this. Are you okay or have you had another xray?[/QUOTE]

I was back in the ER on 9-11-06 for what I thought was coughing up blood. I chewed up a magnesium tablet (I think I irritated a gum) and I had some blood in my mouth. I didn't cough it up and it went away quickly but an ER visit was done just in case. The Doc wanted an X-ray and these were the results...

[B]Chest X-Rays[/B]

[B]DATE:[/B] 9-11-06

[B]INDICATION:[/B] COUGH (I told him I wasn't coughing)



[B]FINDINGS:[/B] There may be mild atelectasis or infiltrate within the right middle lobe. Otherwise, the lungs appear clear. The cardiac silhouette is within normal limits in size. No pneumothorax or pleural effusion. Osseous structures appear intact.


So the Dr tells me it may be a embolism in my lung or possibly pnemonia and he feels he sees it in both lungs. So he orders a blood work-up and a CAT Scan and here are the CAT scan results...



[B]DATE:[/B] September 12, 2006 (the ER visit started close to midnight on 9-11-06)

[B]INDICATIONS:[/B] This is a 31-year old with shortness of breath. Evaluate for pulmonary embolus.


[B]TEQUNIQUE:[/B] Helical imaging was performed through the chest following following rapid bolus administration of 150 ml of intravenous Omnipaque 300. Coronal two dimensional MIP images were also made.

[B]FINDINGS:[/B] Opacification of the pulmonary arteries is adequate. There is no evidence of pulmonaryembolus. There is no pericardial effusion. No mediastinal is seen. The aorta appears unremarkable. The lungs are clear. No pleural effusion or pneumothorax.

Included portions of thr upper abdomen are unremarkable.


Well I had explained to the Dr that I had not taken my Singulair in a week and that I have had issues breathing and hitting im inhaler alot (now I hardly ever touch it). For those unfamiliar with Singular it treats both allergies and asthma. I have astma, allergic to cats and I have a cat. lol

When he got the test results from the CT Scan I immediately asked his if they saw any tumors, lol, and he said no but there are other tests like a PET scan to see if I happened to have lung cancer, and by the way I have never touched a single tobacco product except for maybe 3-4 cigars when I was 20.

My eonosophilia was out of range but not way out there and I found the following info on eonosophilia pneumonia.

[B]Pulmonary infiltrates with eosinophilia; Eosinophilic pneumonia; Loeffler's syndrome


Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Rapid respiratory rate
Note: Symptoms range from none at all to severe. They will usually go away without treatment.
Signs and tests:

Listening to the chest with a stethoscope may reveal rales(crackle-like sounds that suggest inflammation of the lung tissue).
A bronchoscopy with washing may show a large number of eosinophils.
Sputum, bronchoscopically obtained washing, and gastric lavage may reveal larvae of the ascaris worm.
[B]A CBC or WBC count shows increased white blood cells, [I][U]particularly eosinophils.[/U][/I]
Chest X-ray usually reveals abnormal shadows (infiltrates) that disappear with time, or may reappear in different areas of the lung.[/B]

I can exercise w/o issue and I am on the verge of being from going from obese to overweight and eventually normal weight. (dropped 60 lbs so far)

But so far nearly 2-months later I am breating good. Especially this time of year and my anxiety has greatly diminished.

Thanks for your replies and if CircusSquirrel sees this then I would like to say hi!

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