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Sorry I also meant to mention i have no cough whatsoever and am not bringing up any mucus or phlem....
Its now two and half months since i started getting the pains in my throat and chest and they are still coming and going. I have good and bad days. The back of my throat still has sores/blisters although i wonder if this is a side effect of either nicotine replacement therapy or stopping smoking. I can still sometimes go out on the bike and not feel much pain and other times i ache in my chest then it completely goes and i'm fine. I intend to go back to the doctors again.

I wonder if anyone else has had these sort of symptoms.

I still have no cough and am not bringing up any mucus or anything. I feel no pain when i breath deaply or sneeze and cough.

It would be nice if someone could reply to my situation its so frustrating and makes me very anxious and worried.

Any ideas as to what might be cuasing this would be appreciated.

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