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This is sort of long and I apologize. I just wanted to see if someone else out there has had similar experiences out there/can help eliviate my fears. I have just turned 34 and was a former smoker for about 12 years (around a pack a day). I have been quit since September 18th of this year.

It all started around the end of July/beginning of August. I had a tickle in my throat and would have coughing fits. I talked to a friend who is an RN, and they said it sounded like allergies. I went and got some Claritin and Benadryl and took it as instructed. Everything seemed to be getting better so I quit taking the Claritin. After about a week I started feeling bad again and this time I was producing phlegm with it. So in my sleep deprived state I looked on the internet to see what my symptoms were and the first thing that came up was lung cancer.

I freaked out and went to an emergency care doctor on a Sunday and told him of my concerns. He did a blood test and came back and said that it wasnít cancer, I had a touch of bronchitis and sinusitis. I got some shots, antibiotics, etc. and went on my way.

It bothered me that he didnít do a chest xRay so that week I went to my regular doctor and told them about my concerns. She did a Chest X-Ray and a breathing test. She agreed with the emergency care doctor. There wasnít anything cancerous it was just bronchitis.

So I left it at that and started feeling better after about a week. Well I went swimming, did a lot fo diving, etc. By the end of the day my sinuses were completely clogged and stayed that way for several days. Close to the end of that week, my sinuses started hurting realy bad and then started draining. Then I started the coughing and all again. Went back to an emergency care doctor on that weekend and was told it was sinusitis and bronchitis again. I told him my concern about cancer and he took a hest x-ray and said nothing was there.

So I decided at this time to quit smoking. I started making plans with my doctor and set September 18th as my quit date. I started taking Wellbutrin in preparation. During this time, my bronchitis seemed to clear up slowly and was also starting to get chest pains. Nothing too painful, just aggravating. My doctor told me it was typical of bronchitis that it is not uncommon to have chest pains for up to two months after bronchitis. I was still concerned about cancer. Iím a little obsessive like thatÖ 

I quit on the 18th and havenít picked one up since. Have had no desire either so I am thankful that Iím not having to go through some of the things other people experience. However, during this time I still kept having chest pains. I went to my doctor again and she reassured me it wasnít cancer.

A week after quitting, I started getting post nasal drip (this was in October). I went to my doctor and she said I was developing allergies. I started taking Zyrtec and that seemed to get better.

A week or so after that, I started having an itching feeling in my chest and was nervous and ancy. I went to the doctor again and she said I was overstimulating myself. I came off the patch and everything seemed to calm down. I was still having weird feelings in my chest.

A week or so after that, I was out playing golf and it was the first time this year that the air got a little cool and crisp. While I was playing I felt pain in my chest (sort of like that feeling you get when you breathe in cold air and it seems to Ďburní the chest a little. I started feeling shortness of breath as well so since my doctor was on vacation, I went to another Emergency medical facility. He took a chest x-ray and did some tests. He thought it may have a little to do with anxiety and also thought that I may be developing asthma. He game me some singulair and an inhaler to use for now.

Things have gotten better as well although I still have some chest pains and sort of a Ďheavinessí feeling in the center of my chest where the bronchi are. The shortness of breath is no way near as bad. I have also started having some minor pains in my upper shoulder as well. I am still scared to death this is cancer but Iíve had three chest xRays over two months, breathing tests, blood work and four doctors who have no concern that it is cancer. I keep telling myself Iíve had all those chest x-Rays and nothing showed up yet on the lung cancer board you hear people saying that chest x-rays will miss cancer, they are inaccurate, it could be microscopic and not show up on the x-ray only a ct scan, etc. I told my doctor about my concerns and she said that if cancer was causing symptoms it would be big enough to show on an x-Ray. Am I overreacting? Has anyone had this happen to them or something similar? Could this just be my body reacting to no longer having all those chemicals from smoking? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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