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Dear Allegra & All, So nice to see I was missed. I have been sick. For a couple of wks. I kept feeling like I was going to come down with something. Finally I got really sick. For 3 dys I could hardly make it to the bathroom just a few steps. My daughter was here and she helped. That was in Dec. & we had my nephew and his wife here from the north for 2 wks. They were a help.They took me to dr and helped a lot. Started Biaxin but was still so sick went to Urgent Care. Dr. there seemed very good. She changed to Avelox. Chest x ray said no pneumonia. Gave me some good cough med. & said be sure to see infec. dr. Did that few dys. later. He ordered cat scan. I was just beginning to feel like I was getting over that when I got sick again. Put me on Avelox again right away and didn't get as sick as in Dec. I have been on Avelox for 8 dys. Was to do 10dys but to call and see how I was. I called yesterdy and told her I was still coughing up horrid stuff and feeling horrid and she said do extra 4 dys. Total of 14 dys. Today I have had a really bad sore throat. I hope that doesn't get me down. I am trying to get sputum sample but I have trouble doing it and then last wk. did get one but because of wk end it was too long in getting to lab since of course they were closed. Cat scan showed most the same but it says 'there has been interval increase in biliary tree dilatation since the previous one'. Does anyone out there know what this means? Infec. P.A. said to ask the pulmo. I see him early next mo. Hope somebody can tell me about the tree dilatation business. Again thanks to all for caring. Made me feel better to think somebody I don't even know cares.
Hi everyone, I am a new member. I just happened on this site
researching MAI. I was diagnosed with MAI in December 07. It was found
during a yearly wellness check that my husband and I do in November. She
ordered a CT scan as part of my check up. She advised me to see a pulmonary specialist as soon as I got home. My dr looked at the scan and
knew immediately what it was. I had a bronchoscopy on Dec. 10. I had been
having a slight cough since the first of Nov but no other symptoms. No
sputum night sweats or weight loss. Ten days after the broncoscopy I was
in the hospital with pneumonia. They started me on some antibiotics by
mouth and by IV. I was there 4 days getting to go home for Christmas. The
next week the dr started me on the big 3, clarithromycin, rifampin, and
ethambutol. They really makes me feel yucky and no energy. I have always
been a very energetic person so it really floored me. I had to go back to dr
the 2 weeks later because I started itching so bad. He decreased the dosage
a tiny bit. Its been 3 week and I have good and bad days. The itching is
still bad. I see him again Friday. After reading all the posts it seems my
side effects are not as bad as some of you have. Dr seems to think mine
was caught at an early stage. He said usually he didn't have patients come
in until they had a lot of symptoms. Since Dec I have had night sweats and
not able to sleep much. I would like to know how some of you did after
starting the meds. How fast does this stuff move? It seems I went from
healthy to sick within 10 days after receiving my diagnosis. Can I expect the
side effects to get worse as I continue the medication? Thank you for
any info you can give me.

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