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Basically with TB you would experience a very bad cough, fever, dizzyness, you would be coughing up blood and lots of musuc and your chest would feel like it was literally on fire. My Grandad had TB for 6 months and this was his symptoms. He never coughed up anything black.

I had tar when I was younger. I didn't cough up anything black then either. Did you eat anything black 1-2 days before you coughed up this black blob thing? I'm curious incase this dyed your mucus black. This happened to my mum once. She eat some spicy red food, coughed up loads of red mucus and thought she was bleeding to death. Went to doctor, lungs were all clear and they said it was dye from the food. (sorry I just noticed you said its been happening since Sept)

Did your Doctor say your lungs are clear? What other symptoms do you have or is the black blob the only symptom? What tests have been performed?
Hi Angel.

God it is so annoying when Doctors always say stop smoking or its stress related. Yes smoking can cause a lot of problems but what's stopping them from investigating the problem and treating it? *sigh*

Dizzyness, fever etc sounds like a infection somewhere. Have you had any recent blood tests performed? If not - I would get some tests done to see if there is a infection present.

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