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Oh Mel!! I live in the midwest too and doctor told me the same thing about farmland, etc mixed with humidity causing mold and fungus. I guess this is very common, right? I did receive news on the results just yesterday and found out that i had not 1 but 2 nodules (very small ones) and both were not cancer!!!! She said something about them being calcified deposits and to come back in 3 months for another CT scan to make sure they haven't changed in shape or size. THANK THE GOOD LORD for watching over me! And thank you ALL for the prayers!!! I asked that the doctor prescribe something to help me quit smoking, so plan to start on this tomorrow morning after i've had a chance to stock up on chewing gum, lozenges and bottled water. LOL! Blessings to all, Rhonda

[QUOTE=mel1977]I know EXACTLy how you feel!!! I had back surgery in 2004 and they did routine chest xray the day before. Well, I got a call saying we'd have to put the surgery on hold bc they found a nodule on my lung. I bawled and cried I was so scared, especially since I was a smoker and had just quit literally a month before that. So, I had my chest xray that day and the surgery went on. I was seen by a pulmonologist later and he said it was more than likely fungal. I live in the midwest and he said it is very very common and most people who live in areas with fungus and mold have them and they are harmless for the most part. He did suggest I get follow ups though with CTs to be sure it isn't growing. I also grew up with many in house birds and that can also influence that.
I will be crossing my fingers for you that it like mine, is nothing. I know how scary it is-I am 29 now, and am still smoke free. Haven't seen a doc since about it, but guess I'll ask my primary on wed when I see her to see if I need to .
Best wishes to you[/QUOTE]

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