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Hello everyone. I discovered this board by doing a search for pulminary nodules. I'm new, and hoping for some input. I am 44 now, have had light bronchial asthma since I was a child and several bouts with bronchitis and respiratory infections. I went to my GP complaining of collar bone pain and a numb sensation in my neck. (Had an anterior cervical discectomy with fusion 2 years ago, so I was thinking a nerve or tendon could be damaged.) My GP ordered a CT of my neck to make sure there weren't any masses. They found a cyst on my thyroid, but noticed some nodules on my lungs. After the radiologist reccomended another CT on my chest, I picked up the radiologist report. (I'm all for being proactive since my GP usually doesn't call me for around a week after the results are faxed.) So... what do I do? Scare the bejeepers out of myself by putting the diagnosis on the internet and pulling up the "Worst Case Scenarios."

Anyway, the radiologist reports multiple small pulmonary nodules, predominantly in the right upper lobe with one 3mm nodule in the lateral basal segmant of the left lower lobe. Upper lesions are subpleural in location measuring approximately 4mm. Adjacent consolidation probably reflect atelectasis and scattered dependent subpleural opacities in the lower lobes consistent with atelactasis. Thickening is noted in the costophrenic angle region. IMPRESSION: Indeterminate nodules, but may reflect Granulomatous Disease. (I looked that up...not a lot of info... but I doubt that it's a consideration as from what I gather it's onset at birth.)

So now, I am waiting for a call from my Doctor, but was hoping to gain some enlightenment as to what to be prepared for.

Thank you in advance for taking a look. So much stuff is going on in my life right now and I wasn't quite prepared for this. I'm hoping everything's minimal, but it's hard not to worry.:dizzy:

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