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My dad had x-rays done and they said he had scar tissue on his left lung. Now they want him to have a CT scan. He is 51 and a none smoker. He used to get Bronchitis a lot when he was little. His parents smoked. This has me worried. The reason they did the x-rays was because he can't stand to lay on his left side it hurts.
Hi dizzy, I just joined the healthboards and was looking for information on my own problem when I found your posting. I am hoping you have some answers since you posted this and that the news is good. I have been through almost exactly what your dad is experiencing with my brother a long time ago so your note really hit home. I'll check back and hope you will keep posting. From past experiences it really helps to talk. I wish your dad all the best and you keep your chin up.
Hello Dizzy09, Once the CT scan is done, it will give the doctor a more detailed picture on your dad's lungs. Even after a cat scan is done, there will be more waiting. Were the tests ordered by a pulmonary doctor or a regular GP? If it was his regular GP, your father will probably be referred to a pulmonary specialist.

If it's any consolation, my dad was a smoker for at least twenty years. He went to a hospital to have some procedures done. They require a chest image on people older than 40. The radiologist saw something on his x-ray and as a precautionary measure, ordered a cat scan for a more detailed picture. He was referred to a pulmonogist who received all of the images. The Cat Scan was all clear. The x-ray had a shadow on it because my dad didn't get a full breath of air when the picture was taken. CT scans are thinly sliced images that give more detail. The pulmonologist said it was a poor x-ray and gave my dad the all clear.

It could be many things, and some of those things aren't [I]so[I] bad.[/I][/I]I hope that your dad's news is good. But, I know it's difficult to wait. Let us know.

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