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[QUOTE=LuvMyLilDoggie;2980710]I was dx'd late last year with chronic bronchitis. I have been getting severe bouts of bronchitis at least two times a year for about the past 4 or 5 years. Each bout lasts about 2 months from beginning to end.

My questions may sound silly given the fact that I've been dealing with bronchitis for about 14 years. Just the past 4 or 5 years have been bad.

So here is the questions. Is one considered to have COPD when they have chronic bronchitis? I know that emphysema is part of COPD but I don't have that. I feel a bit silly asking this question but I've read some things on the internet that give conflicting reports.


You can have chronic bronchitis and not emphysema.

I hope you're not a smoker. Do anything you have to do to quit if you are.

Emphysema is progressive, even if you stop smoking (just not as fast). Chronic bronchitis, however, can improve. Even if colds still settle in your chest and become bronchitis, they will be milder and not last as long, and the cough and phlegm in your chest between episodes will be much, much less.

If you have asthma on top of chronic bronchitis, milder bronchitis will mean that your asthma will bother you less when you have a cold or bronchitis. I only have asthma when I have bronchitis, so I do everything to keep a new episode of bronchitis from occurring, and go to the doctor whenever I feel the least bit of bronchial irritation or congestion with a cold. I've learned this the hard way, having allowed bronchitis to progress into double pnuemonia on repeated occasions. Believe me; having asthma on top of double pneumonia and bronchitis, all at the same time, is no fun.

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