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Hey Ian,
First of all, I am not a doctor, and you should always consult one, but here's my story.
I've had a similar problem myself for the past few years. For me it started about 5 years ago @ 28; would get worse when I smoked, so I quit 3.5 years ago. I would constantly feel out of breath, yawn and try to take deep breaths constantly, bend forward to try to catch breath, etc. I always felt like I was suffocating or my lungs were closing up. Also, my chest felt over-inflated, or like on a really foggy day (chest-cold). I also developed a dry cough trying to push out air all the time.
I have bad sinuses, and my condition gets worse when I drink alcohol (irritates sinuses) or if I am around smokers. I usually have post-nasal drip and constantly do throat clearing. My best remedy is Guaifenesin (cough syrup expectorant, 3 bottles for $6 @ Costco) when symptoms get bad, and after a couple days I'm fine until symptoms return after a couple nights out with friends, or I catch a cold. Also, try relaxed breathing, and full exhales by pressing lightly on your chest as you exhale. I have determined that I just have chronic irritation in sinuses, throat, and upper airway -- after multiple doctors and tests, and 000's of $. All tests have always come back fine, and I've seen a lot of doctors, as I also suffer from anxiety periodically, starting right after college @ 22.
So here it is -- do you cough up thick discolored mucus? Cover your ears and listen for wheezing or rattling when you breathe or cough. Do you have any bluish tint or numbness to lips or fingers? Go to Rite-Aid or Longs and use the free blood-pressure & oxygen saturation check machine to see your numbers, especially when you feel worse. Are you hyperventilating? If so mild exercise will improve your condition. Do you possibly suffer allergies or notice such symptoms? Have you had a chest X-ray? Had an exercise stress test? Seen a Pulmonolgist? Get your insurance reinstated, or change jobs to one that offers health plan options -- insurance is a must!
As for the anxiety, learn to think yourself down. What are you anxious about at 22? Be introspective and try to reason it out; stay away from meds--try amino acid supplements, etc. They do help. But some anxiety will never go away; I still double-check everything I buy at the market for the safety seal. I've been told to meditate, but I don't go for that stuff. I'm a daytrader by profession, so ...
Also, I know it can be frustrating, and figuring it out can be a long road, especially when doctors tell you they can't find anything wrong. I was ridiculed by some friends when I had anxiety and panic problems -- later they came to me for help when they had theirs!
Anyway, hope all that helped.

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