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I am julie,36, mom of two kids, non smoker or drinker, have ulcerative colitis, never worked by asbestos, chemicals, or smoke. No one in family smokes. I had pneumonia a lot when I was a child. About 2 years back I had xrays done and they said it looked like bronchitis. It never really went away. I would get worse, I go to dr. and she would xray and give antibiotics. Well, we got home from vacation and the pain in my upper mid back on the left side just started hurting terrible, coughing, fever, etc. Did xray showed bad bronchitis, which supposedly turned into pneumonia, This has been going on for 3 months now. I have been to the University of Michigan to see their immune department, that was fine, up to Traverse City for Infectious disease Doctor, that was fine, I had been on 6 different antibiotics (oral and IV), anti fungal medications and they never work. Do labs weekly, and sputum samples. Nothing there. The x-rays 10 maybe all show a 4cm non calcified nodule in my right lung and the Finger like infiltrates in my right lung. The CT scan confirmed this. I had a lung function test done and that was below normal. It is hard at times for me to swallow, I cough a lot sometimes bringing stuff up other times not. I have had pain in my right mid back that sometime radiates to front. Gall bladder and appendix are out so it isn't that. The pain I constantly (when I am at home) have heat on it to help, tried various prescription pain meds but it doesn't help. The pain has been going on for over 2 years. Thus, the reason the gall bladder and appendix gone.

So, have you heard anything similar to this with anyone else? How did it turn out?????Was it cancer?


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