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[QUOTE=Eddie1366;3173502]I am experiencing the same problem as you, but I have back pains and rib cage pains. I'm scared to go to the doctor. I took a CT scan from the base of my lung to my pelvic area and it came out normal, but now I am beginning to think it might be my upper lung thats causing this pain. I'm a 19 years old with normal blood pressure and a healthy heart (took a echo cardiogram). As for clearing the throat, I am utterly bothered by this and it feels like i can never fully clear out my throat. Please post an update on your diagnosis:angel:[/QUOTE]

Weird that you mention back pains and rib cage pains.

As far as the rib cage goes - I can't feel the pain/soreness until I press on my ribs just below my chest. Some days its sore, some days its not. If I press on my ribs on the left side of my sternum - they're sore also sporadically.

As for back pains - and I don't know if this is related or not....but maybe.
A several months ago before all this 'chest tightness' even started - I had an aches in my upper left side of my back behind my shoulder blade in a weird spot that wouldn't necessarily be caused by 'pulling a muscle' (as most folks would believe). I had originally been taking 3 ibuprofen continuously for weeks to get rid of it but that didn't help. I went to the doctor and he suggested trying Aleve - OR - taking a stress test.
The thought of taking a stress test freaked me out so I opted to try the Aleve. (I know someone who almost died after the results of a stress test). After taking the Aleve for about 2 weeks - the pains were gone.
Then...not long after that (couple weeks) the chest tightness started.

The 'clearing of my throat' is puzzling.....either its a progression of whatever it is that I HAVE or perhaps its a side affect of the Advair? I rinse & gargle religiously after each usage.

Frustrating -I just wish my pulmonary appointment wasnt' sooooooooooo far away.

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