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[QUOTE=Newbie56;3137013] It's so embarrassing knowing I caused all of this. ... I don't know what the inhaler is for. It won't fix anything and I don't cough much now. ... My husband is at his wits end. He quit smoking 17 yrs. ago cold turkey. But this is just the way I am whenever there's bad news about my health. I just wish I was a strong person. I am so scared.[/QUOTE]

It's okay to be scared. And you might be stronger than you give yourself credit for. I know what you mean about causing all of this yourself, but please don't let that stop you from dealing with it. And you need the support of people who love you. This is a tough pill to swallow! I hope you'll be able to sit down and let them know what's going on. You can even tell them right up front that you know you did this to yourself, but now you're going to do the best you can to make yourself improve. Your husband would be a good ally to you as you try to quit, since he's been through it. Be honest with him, if you're feeling grouchy as you go through the first weeks without the nicotine, just tell him so, but don't take it out on him! You need him in your corner. Maybe use some of that cigarette saved money to get him a nice thank you gift for being there for you!

The inhaler will open up your airways. If you are wheezing (and sometimes the wheeze can be minimal and deep inside so you may not be real aware of it unless you think about it), it will relieve it. It will also give you a more effective cough, as you'll be able to take a deeper breath.

That's really good that what you cough up is clear. If it ever gets yellow or green, make sure you see your doctor, as that would indicate some infection going on in there.

You hang in there! You need to make some changes and become educated about what's going on so you can deal with it well, but you can do it! You know, this disease comes on so gradually that a lot of people don't realize how bad they've gotten until they stop smoking and get some appropriate medication and suddenly feel so much better! There's much to hope for! Take the anti-anxiety meds and tackle this problem head on! You can do it!

Take care,
Emily :wave:

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