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First a little background, I am 41 and I went to the doctor in July because of wet cough that would not go away. He felt that it was caused by inflammation due to allergies and gave me a Steroid Pack. I had also taken a course or antibiotics prior to this visit. Neither seemed to help much.

I went back to him about 2 weeks after completing the steroid pack and he sent me for a Pulmonary Functon Test (PFT). I expected it to be okay as I really did not notice any shortness of breath. To my surprise the test did not go well. I knew by the end of the test that the report was not going to be normal. I have been pretty stressed ever since. Yesterday, I finally received the results: Mild to Moderate Restrictive Lung Disease. My doctor told me to see a Pulmonary doctor as soon as possible. I have made appointments with 2 different doctors, 1 is next week and one is in 3 weeks. At this point I plan to evaluate both doctors.

I am pretty stressed out right now. My father had Pulmonary Fibrosis and that is my biggest fear. I know that I am fixating on this and I am not sure that everything I am feeling is real. Today I feel like my breathing is a little difficult and I feel like I have a burning sensation in my lungs. Note too that I have been exercising every morning and seem to breath okay during workout.

I know that stress makes breathing more difficult when the chest muscles tighten up. However, I am really worried about the burning sensation. I just can't tell if it is real or not. Could I really feel lung inflammation or am I totally imagining this feeling? Could my condition have gotten so much worse in just 1 week after the PFT test? The cough started about 8 weeks ago. If this feeling is real should I be seeking immediate attention?

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