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I'm really frustrated with this problem I've been having. For the last five years or so, I get this same thing twice a year: I'll get a sore throat, gradually lose my voice, break out in a rash across my chest for about 24 hours, and then end up with an itchy throat/bad cough until I heal. This whole thing lasts about a week. It's like clockwork - twice a year.

Only now, I've had a bad stomach ache for a day or so, and this morning I woke up with this weird chest rash again. I'm so used to seeing it on myself that in some ways it doesn't even seem weird anymore. It's like this blotchy sunburn that slowly fades within 24 hours, and it's just on my upper chest.

I don't know - I really should see a doctor about it, but at the moment I have no insurance. Anybody have any ideas?


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