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Hi, for the past two weeks I have been having trouble breathing - it feels like I keep needing to take deep breaths. I have been to see my GP who says that my lungs and heart are fine. He sent me to casualty at my local hospital anyway for a chest X Ray to be careful but they could not spot anything either, blood pressure and oxygen levels were normal. If I am distracted the condition does not seem to be as bad and it has not affected my sleeping (i feel fine first thing). The best way to describe it is like when you have a sore throat and feel the need to keep swallowing but you can't. I feel like I need to keep taking deep breaths and if I don't get the full breath, i.e. where the breath seems to peak and you breathe out by reflex, then it has not been sucessful. I had a bad throat condition in February which was developing into Quincy but was solved with medication at the time. Only other thing is I had a reflux problem for the last year but have come off my medication in the last month or so as the symptoms seem to have stopped. Any ideas?

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