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Hi, I've been unwell for the past 2 weeks with something that started as a cold. Ive had symptoms of -

1st few days A dry cough (didnt bother me that much)
after few days turned into a cough that had thick green phlegm, and some hard green phlegm in it, and I felt abit tired and had a really blocked nose as well with very thick mucousy stuff in it

After a few days the cough got less green and turned into a mucousy yellow phlegm, and I had trouble sleeping for 2 nights coz I was having coughing fits at night.

The cough gardually got more mucousy, but still thick mucous, and I had loads of coughing fits where I was almost throwing up, because It wouldnt go...the coughs sometimes not productive also...and is worse at night, and for the past few nights from around 9 onwards I get a tight chest and mild discomfort across my back.

Ive been putting off going to the doctor because I dont want to seem silly comin in for a cold, but yesterday made an appointment just to check things out...The cough seems to be getting better, but ive been getting these hot and cold flushes at night, and also my hearts been beating abit fast also. Does this sound as if I have anything more than a cold?

I should also mention that as a child I had mild asthma, and everytime I had a cold it would go down to my chest, and I would cough for weeks...I thought I grew out of my asthma. I'm not weezing at the moment...but im wondering if i still might have some mild asthma bcause of the night coughing and tight chest?

I really hate going to doctors coz i feel like Im wasting their time, but just from your oppinions, does it sound like anything?

I'd be very garteful for a reply! Thankyou!


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