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I am a 32 year old male, who had a sore throat a month ago. They gave me anti-botics, which I do not think worked. Anyways, 2 weeks later I started feeling better so I redid my floors...on my hands and knees using a heat gun and scrapper to get everything off. That same night I started getting a really tight feeling in my chest, like someone was behind me crushing me. I put up with it for a week, then went to the ER. They did chest Xrays, bloodwork, and checked my heart. Everything looks good, so they think I have Pleurisy. I can breathe fine, it does not hurt to inhale or exhale, but I read that I should try to cough so I do not get wet pleurisy.
They give me anti-inflammitory meds, and I take them for a week. Nothing changes, so I go to my regular doctor. She thinks it is not Pleurisy, and sends me to a Cardiologist. He wants a stress test done, and says my lungs sound way its pleurisy he says. The problem is my sternum feels bruised to touch in a certain spot, no outside bruising. Could this be from dry coughing, pulled muscles, or something else with my lungs besides pleurisy?
I am getting really fed up with it, and fed up with doctors for that matter. I just want to know what is wrong, so it can be fixed. Any ideas?

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