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Mom of 2sons
Thanks so much for all your info. You have really been thru a lot. Makes me feel fortunate. I go for bronch tomorrow. Told lung dr. I wasn't doing it unless I took something before I got to hospital. He said o.k. and said he would try his best not be late. I think I already posted the horrible last bronch. waiting an hour or more for the dr. and get more nervoous by the minute and freezing and shaking and shivering and my teeth really chattering. As to what I did mostly worked in offices. Never smoked. Taught driver's ed. Now that was an Experience!:jester: I lived in the Ohio Valley and I understand that is great place for this disease to come from. I used to wade in the flood waters as a kid. Wonder what they did? We sure had fun at the time. As to fatigue...Boy fatigue really doesn't describe it, tho I don't know another word. Should make up one. Here about a month ago I would go to bed at 7p.m. and barely make it up at 11 am. Then may have to go back to bed as soon as I managed to fix something to eat. I just felt HORRID. Also would get sick to my stomach expecially if I tried to do more than I felt like and lost weight, couldn't stand to think about food. My husband, too is a gem but he is not doing well. He has congestive heart failure, so he goes very little. I have a friend taking me to hospital tomorrow.
As to Jazzy J and her dr's remarks that would really make me upset. At least I have drs. who seem to always think I have good reason to be feeling so bad. One PA at infec dr. named off several things I have and said "well that's 5 things for being so tired. I must get this closed and call it a night. Will let you know how tomorrow goes. Bootsy
[QUOTE=Momof2sons;3401963]Miss Shoes,
Im thinking the reason I wasnt started on a treatment is because when this was first discovered it was thought to be lung cancer, and I had a open thorocotomy, and had part of my lung removed to get rid of it. Fortunatly it WASNT cancer. I do have two other nodules, one being very tiny a "micro nodule" in my right lung, which is the lung they removed part of. The other nodule is in my left lung and has been stable with no change in over a year, so that may be something different, scarring of some sort.
I had this surgery in Novemeber of 2007, so its been almost two months since, and now Im having alot of pain, and am worried that something is going on in there. It feels like I have something the size of a fist in my chest, and hurts to take a deep breath. I also have a pain in my side/back at the base of my ribs, and wondering if its my diaphram shifting. I do know that when they remove part of the lung that it CAN shift and fill the space that is empty, so Im guessing that is the pain Im having? I will find out with my up coming appt.
From what I read on this disease is that "usualy" bronchiectasis, comes first. That because of the "pockets" or "holes" that it causes and bacteria pools in them makes you suseptable to this infection. Also I have read that there is an Upswing with women getting this infection it used to be that Men where more suseptable, and I find this interesting, and wondering why. Im courious as to what you all do, or have done for a living? I believe with me, I had a job years ago and worked for a company that involved many chemicals, thats where I believe some of the damage came to my lungs. But as far as getting this infection I believe because of the damage in my lungs, and my most recent job I was out in the enviroment working, I delt with alot of road dust and dirt with driving a truck. I was a vender, and did route sales, delivering product to stores and thinking dealing with the dirt and dust was how it came about?? But also before my muscles started effecting me with the muscle disease I used to do alot of horse back riding on back country roads, so maybe between the two, I had alot of exposure to the outside enviroment, and of course "drinking water" falls into to the equation also.
Just makes me courious as to If we have anything in common as far as jobs or hobbies, that may be a link other than the previous damage to out lungs?
Also, how severe is the fatige that you all deal with? Mine is pretty severe.
God bless you all,
Just trying to catch up. Finally had hi speed internet put in tho first wk.end it was out. Anyway trying to read thru posts and noticed about Bronch and how you dreaded. I have decided it must be dr and hospital. I had one when all this business with my lungs started in 2004. It was awful. So when lung dr. said do again in Dec. I told him about the one in 04. I said I was taking meds to calm me etc before I got to hosp. He said o.k. and gave me prescrip. I took meds and it went great. They had me just breathe in stuff to numb my throat whereas before it was this horrid tasting awful stuff that you like put in your mouth and puffed on and I waited over an hr. before they started and gave me anything. This time the dr. was great and the nurses I had were beyond great. So kind to me. I was so cold and finally one nurse came and cradled my head in her arms to get me warm. I wish you could have same way I did. I know I want be glad to have again but will not dread like I did. On way home the friend who took me stopped and we ate, tho the dr. told her make sure I ate but make it soft food. The bronch by the way so far has been promising looks like the MAC is not active again. Now why I have more in my lungs of stuff they don't know what it is. I did have another scan and had just had one in Dec. which is soon. I tho am not a spring chicken, I am 73 and have RA and fibromyalgia. So some of the drs. I see say no wonder I feel so awful. Also my stomach is really acting up. I dread doing something about that. I must tho make up my mind and see a gastro. man. I dread endoscopy more than bronchoscopy. Also it is hard for me to have things done because my husband is not well to say the least and can do very little for himself let alone me. So I have to infringe on a dear friend who just lost her husband and of all things it is pretty well thought that he died for lack of care. Even one of her drs. said she should see a lawyer. Hard to imagine a dr. wouldn't take care of someone and would even stop one from getting care needed some place else, but this is what happened to this man of only 48. I didn't mean to make this so long. I do hope all keeps hanging in there. By the way I was on the meds 20mos and boy they did a number on me. Sick and the other things and also my eyes and on and on but I did do it. I tho must not be as bad as I read so many are and for that Iam thankful. That thot tho doesn't make me feel any better. Some days I feel like I can't put one foot in front of the other. Oh well I am still going tho very slow. Thanks to all for listening.
Thought I would give an update. I didn't email my ID doc because I didn't want to go to the office or the ER so I started taking some Amoxicillin for whatever is causing my sickness. I still have shortness of breath. Although I am not completely back to my normal health, I feel much better. If I had continued to run the fever, I would have gone to the doctor or the ER. My Pulmonologist once told me if my fever ever got to 100 to go to the ER because of my damaged lungs. I despise ER rooms. Everytime I have ever been or my husband has been it has taken 12 hours to get out of one. Treatment usually doesn't begin till you have been there at least 4 or 5 hours. This has been my experience with ER rooms in Nashville.

Sue, my ID doc would have made me come into the office. He will not call in a prescription without seeing me first. I had the Amoxicillin from a previous prescription he had given me for a sinus infection & he had given me a refill. I have an appointment to see him next month so I will fill him in on my episode.

Has any one here experienced the nausea with these diseases and can you tell me how it affects you? I have never experienced nausea with this MAI until this sickness. I wasn't able to eat anything except saltines for 3 days without getting very nauseous shortly after taking a bite of any food. I couldn't drink my morning coffee either. The only time I have ever been sick enough to not drink coffee was when I was pregnant the first 4 or 5months of pregnancy. Stay well everyone.

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