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She went to the hospital Saturday night with rib pain. By Sunday morning she was in ICU with pneumonia. One lung was completely whited out and the other half full on the xray. Last night her oxygen was only 70% and they put her on a respirator. The doctors think that it may be from some kind of MRSA but they still have not figured out the origin of her illness. She is being given antibiotics.

I am terrified that we are going to lose her. She is only 42 and has no health issues. I always associate a respirator with dying I guess. Do you know anyone that has been bad enough to need a machine but recovered? Please share your stories. Thank you
I have known people with chronic issues like congestive heart failure that were in and out of the hospital on respirators and even having chest draining tubes to clear their lungs. One such person I know survived for 17 years with this problem. If she has no other issues and they can get the pneumonia (hope it is not MRSA) cleared, she should be fine.

Sending healing thoughts to your sister.

Lindaru :)
Thank you. She is still in rough shape but the doctors think that she will improve.
I thought that I would update this for those that wanted to know the outcome. She is home after spending a week in a coma on a respirator. She woke up Monday and had terrible hallucinations the first day. She was better Tuesday and called me on her cell phone Wednesday. Never have a heard anything better than her voice. She is exhausted, weak, and lost ten pounds off of her all ready tiny frame but she will make a full recovery.

It is suspected that it all may have been from an abcess tooth that she had pulled last month. The dentist pulled it and never put her on antibiotics.

Thank you for the update on your sister. Thank GOD she came through this terrible ordeal, and is now on the mend! To think this all started with an abcess tooth is a scarey thought. But I have heard of that happening before. Not involving the lungs , but with the infection going to the brain. Thats what had thrown me with your post the way it effected her breathing.

Thank you for posting about this, it may just help someone else realize how serious these symptoms can be in relation to having an abcess tooth. Im sure most people would never associate the symptoms your sister had with a bad tooth. Thats why these boards are so important, when it comes to the "Rare" medical mysteries it could possibly save someone elses life.

Your sister will now take some time to fully recover, and I will certiantly pray for her! Thank you again for shareing your story. Take care, and God bless.


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