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I want to second what lvm6 wrote about looking into food allergies. Some background first: I've had air hunger on and off for at least 5 years now (I'm 29), with each episode lasting a few hours to a day. I do have mild asthma, but there is no resistance to getting air in my lungs like with other asthma symptoms, it is just that I don't *feel* like I can get a deep breath and I feel like I need to. Perhaps unlike some others, I can usually get a satisfying breath after a few tries, but not always. Laying down helps (it is worse when I'm sitting), as does breathing as deep as I can, holding my breath for a bit, then taking one or more tiny breaths (releasing only a bit of air, then breathing even deeper).

Anyway, back to allergies--I am 99% sure that my episodes are caused by certain foods. I have a pretty regular diet with few changes from week to week, and every single time I've had it in over a year was soon after eating specific foods. For me, it is some sugar-free foods, like popscicles and those flavored powders that you add to water, but other sugar-free foods aren't a problem, like diet sodas. As with lvm6, it usually takes a day or two to start after I've eaten the food, so it is very difficult to figure out.

I found this thread when I was searching to see if anybody had ideas of exactly which of the food additives might be causing it. My foods all seem to have Maltodextrin and Acesulfame Potassium listed as ingredients, but I wonder if each person might be sensitive to different things. Anybody else think their problem is due to foods?

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