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About six months ago at the gym I noticed I had a hard time taking that really deep satisfying breath. For whatever reason, if I yawn, I can take the breath I need. First of all, what is the reason for this?

Fast forward to today. I think I am getting a little bit worse. This week at work I have found myself suddenly needing to take a deep breath but unable to do so unless I yawn. I am getting a little bit worried and until I see my GP, I googled yawning/breathing and found this board. If I sit still for a few minutes, I can take one deep breath without yawning, but I can't take two back to back. Come to think of it, I think I have never been able to take two "deepest breath's possible" back to back.

My mom was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis seven years ago. She responded to prednisone and was stable until last October. She has taken a turn for the worse and has yet to be able to get off the steroids and any amount of exertion tires her out. She is 65, I am 38. Her mother died in her 80's of a lung problem of some sort. My mom smoked for 40 years but quit about ten years ago. I have never smoked, not counting the 18 years I had to deal with two parents who smoked, don't drink, have a resting heart rate of 52 beats per minute and I am not quite ready for old age.

I have read many threads here and it does look like doctors test many people with similar symptoms to mine and all tests come back negative. Many of these folks have a fair amount of stress in their lives. I am VERY stressed out right now. Sick mother, lots of overtime and stress at work. Trying to find a new job without losing the one I hate adds more. On top of all this I was born with a cleft pallet. That has given me hearing troubles my whole life. As a result of chronic infections, I have developed some hearing loss in my left ear and have a cholesteatoma in my right ear; all in the last year. The surgery to repair the cholesteatoma is not one to be taken ligthly so I think about that a lot of time. Finally, I have had twelve lipoma's (fatty tumors) cut out of me this year and have about six more to go. The doctor asks me why I want to keep having them removed when I obviously have lipomatosis (type that into your search engine) and will keep getting more of them my whole life? So basically I am not real happy and very stressed out. Until I see my doctor, does anyone think I have a stress related problem or am I unlucky enough to possibly have what mom has. She got it 25 years younger than her mom, maybe I beat her by 25? (If this post seems like BS it isn't. I am not making up my breathing concerns or all the crud I have been dealt that I did not ask for). Thanks.


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