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I Just Turned 21 And For About 3 Weeks Now I've Been Having The Feeling Of Insufficient Oxygen In My Lungs,but When I Go To Take A Deep Breath Something Seems To Cut Me Off. It Takes Several Attempts In Order For Me To Take In What Seems To Me A Satisfying Breath But Even Then I Start To Get Light-headed. I Went To The Doctor And My Co2 Level Is Normal And So Is My Blood Pressure. I Had An X Ray Done And It Looked Fine, (though I Haven't Received The Final Results Yet). And Now When I Breathe Sometimes I Get A Sharp Lower Back Pain. Sometimes Yawning Helps The Intake But That Takes A Couple Of Attempts As Well. I Have A History Of High Platelet Count And Anemia. I Had A Spinal Tap Done 3 Years Ago To Check For Blood Diseases But Everything Was Fine. Im Wondering If Maybe My Medical History Might Be Associated With These New Symptoms. Any Advice Would Help Right Now.

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