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I have had this problem off and on for years. Constantly needing to yawn, but not always being able to complete it after struggling to. It would be so satisfying when I could yawn, but then the urge to yawn would come right back. My only other symptom was mucous in the back of my throat and sometimes a slight cough and post nasal drip.

The answer is: a condition called "LPR". Laryngopharyngeal reflux. The cure is Omeprazole 40 mg twice a day, once in the am and once in the evening (before breakfast & dinner), and gaviscon four times a day. Pepsin/stomach acid is damaging your larynx & pharynx and a nerve that provokes a yawn is being irritated/damaged. You need to go to an ENT (ear, nose & throat doctor). You probably won't have any heartburn symptoms like you have with GERD - LPR is a different disease.

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