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[QUOTE=yawnyyawny;4115434]After years of suffering from the constant need to yawn and struggling to get a full breath of air, I FINALLY HAVE MY ANSWER! I earlier posted that I found that I had LPR (laryngopharngeal reflux - or "silent" acid reflux). Stomach acid regurges up through both the lower and upper esophageal sphincters. When it passes up through the upper sphincter, it irritates the nerve that provokes a yawn (and can also cause ear fullness and pain, facial / jaw fullness, constant mucous in back of throat, wheezing and asthma like symptoms...) You may not even have any symptoms of typical acid reflux as your esophagus has some protection from stomach acid, but once it passes through the upper sphincter, those tissues are extremely sensitive to and have no protection from the acid's damage. So after spending years trying to suppress acid production with medication and diet, I stumbled upon the REASON I was having the reflux in the first place causing my LPR and thus my yawning/breathing problems. And here was the cause...drumroll please....IBUPROFEN!! Search "painkillers link to acid reflux" and you will find multiple sources that show how ibuprofen and aspirin can cause acid reflux. I have used ibuprofen for years - so I stopped and guess what?? In one week, the mucous ball in the back of my throat went away, my ear pain and fulness started to subside and the yawning urge slowed down and finally went away. I am 100% cured after years!! < edited > I thought I would have to suffer for the rest of my life. I am now medication free and YAWN FREE!! CURED! No more ibuprofen for me.......ever![/QUOTE]

its nice that you posted trying to help the rest of us, but i'm not buying it for a minute. nor am i going to put my faith in any book that supposedly "teaches" one how to breath correctly. i have not taken Nsaids for at least 10 years. i have had this problem on and off since 2003 and am at my wits end. i am not anemic and over the years have been normal weight or underweight. (obviously losing weight did not cure my problem!) i have kept logs, food journals, etc and every time i think i've found the "culprit", i am once again disappointed when the problem returns.

i did a search and found the old healthboard thread on air hunger which seemed to be very active (from 2003) and then just sort of dropped off. one of the posts there mentioned a woman going to see an allergist about a possible mold allergy. first thing that popped into my mind when i read that was aspergillosis. i am going to try that next and then i give up. i have been to every doctor, tried every medication, only to be told theres nothing wrong, i have anxiety, or i need to seek mental help. like others here i am beginning to think theres no hope and my quality of life is in the toilet. i have noticed 2 things. lying down flat on my back seems to help (which stumps the doctors) and the whole trouble breathing thing usually starts up in the spring and sort of drops off/ends at the beginning of winter. i HATE the cold, but the past several years i have come to dread the warmer months because i know i wont be able to breathe! funny thing is, about 2 years ago during one of my bad months i went to Arizona for 2 weeks and it completely disappeared. when i returned to philadelphia area, so did my breathing issue.

now suddenly, one of my kids (only 8 yrs old, is she crazy too?) has begun to complain of the same exact symptoms. that is why i am scheduling the allergist appt for next week. if i can find this thread again, i will post.

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