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hi all kat here form the ukxx
ok i have always had alot of chest colds when i was younger, i used to smoke but was alight smoker the last 4 years or so i haven't smoked for about 2 3 years,
i have been having lots of episodes of bronchitis the last 2 years or so very bad ones that have needed antibiotic treatments ,i also have had pleuresy and pneumonia, i got a cold last week, i have right lung pain again i have had this the last 3 bouts of bronchitis in my back it is the bottom , ok i have the pain now but not an awfull lot of sputum but it is getting worse i am starting to feel ill i take becotide and ventolin when needed im reluctant to take more antibiotics after having so many after having very bad reactions to them, i have a little bit of green in the spit but not alot??? i have had 4chest x-rays in the last 2 3 years and in hospital when i had a contrast also put through my lungs ot check for a pulminary ebolism???? it was ok, so i have 3 kids im 38 im scared there is something very wrong as why does it hurt all the time bottom of the right lung i have worked out for the last 4 years im fit and eat very very healthy what could be going on and should i stay on the puffers permament to prevent it going straight on my chest , but it always does and i get short of breath when i cant cough it up from that right side it is most of the bottom of my lung that hurts????? can this need antibiotics?? i do have a bit of a fever not much and feel a bit funky. also we have cats and this isn't helping as im pretty sure i have sinus and allergy issue i think i have pernament damage or weak spot on this right lung. i have anemia and also have thyroid problems which flare up abit of arthritis and cysts on the thyroid which causes flare ups i also have those ont he rigth side of my thyroid im scared i keep thinking the worst anyone can help me i would really appreciate it thank you very much for reading love from katherinexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:):angel::)ps i love my kids so much something is going on ,???? does this sound like anything familiar to anyone ps im going for another xray and if it is clear she is sending me to spe:angel::angel::angel:cialist ????????im scared its making me think of nothing else day and night xxxxxxxxx

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