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I read all the previous post about having a hard time breathing and having to yawn to try and get a breath. I have the same problem. I am desparate to figure out what is wrong because it is so uncomfortable of a feeling. I am so tired when I have these bouts because I can't sleep. It is not a constant problem, though. I've had this problem off-n-on for almost a year but I can not figure out why it comes back and then why it leaves. It is like you are in remission for awhile and something triggers it to come back. It is miserable. I have allergies so, at first, I thought it was asthma. But, there is no whizzing. The allergist tested me, did breathing test, etc... all normal. He suggested GERDs and suggested I try prosilac (sp?) Then I saw my GP and he put me on a med used for ulcers, which I recently stopped taking because it wasn't working. Then my allergist said it could be spasms with my vocal chords and suggested I have endoscopy to check. In the meantime I was put on inhaler with steroids. That only made me hoarse and no better. So, I stopped that. I know it is something - there is a trigger that is causing it - that is what I am interested to know so I can figure out a way to stop it. I was told it could be anxiety, too, but seeing all the posts I don't think so. My life is no more stressful today than it was last month. I am going to read-up on the other disorders that people have posted and go to my DR and ask for XRay and see if I can get scan. I have a lot of family history that could point to some of the disorders or diseases that others mention. I just want to know what it is and how I can make it go away. I do know when I am very intense in something (like a project for work), I don't think about it as much and so it doesn't seem to be as bad. Exercising doesn't change my situation one way or the other, either. I am relieved to know that I am not the only one struggling to get a breath by yawning but can't.

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