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Seven months ago i had trouble taking deep breaths. This went on and off for about 3 weeks. It would happen when i was eating, sitting, relaxing, and working out. The wierd thing was that I do not have asthma. My husband and I were worried so I went to the doctor. They took an AKG, lung test, chest X-ray and found nothing. The doctor said it must be anxiety but I know its not. I'm not anxious about anything and this past year has been one of the most wonderful years in my life. It did go away but now its back seven months later. This time I have to yawn alot. When I feel the need to yawn I don't always get it out. After a few attempts I do get to yawn and the yawn helps with my deep breath. Does anyone have advice? I really want to figure out what this is. After trying to take so many deep breaths my chest begins to hurt. i just want this to be over. I'm now going on my four week of having this.
having same prob mine started in april when i was put on blood pressure med was only on med for three days then doc took me off it cause of the urge to take deep breaths [yawn} if it's not a satisfying deep yawn have to keep doin until the yawn is deep and satisfying and i am still having the deep breath episodes
There are many reasons why you may have these symptoms and I always say trust your instinct and change Doctors if you have to. Assess it well and if you know it is not stress related or anxiety and your husband can gauge that too do not wait for the Doctor to change his/her mind.
My Doctor is a lovely lady and I told her I thought I had bone cancer, we knew I had highly suspected lung cancer. She sent me straight off for xrays she is brilliant and has given me that possible 10% who live 5 years with lung cancer I lost my top right lung on 28/10/2008.
Yawning for instance is a way the body takes in oxygen.
The pain you have may be heart related? It is also hard to diagnose.
CT scans with dye are the best diagnosis for me I have ever found and if not happy go to a hospital. They do all the tests and may find your problem quicker.
Hope you find your problem quickly.
That is the essence to surviving anything.
People have told me after seeing a Doctor for five years they have two months to live. I think it is our lives to act on. Why not change Doctors.
I have seen so many Doctors in the past and saved my life by acting on my gut feeling.

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