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Yes..that is absolutely correct. Things like asthma and wheezing and "congestion" won't necessarily show on a chest x-ray. Even though your airways may be irritated and producing a lot of mucous, this is coming from the larger airways which don't show up very well on a chest x-ray. When you have something like pneumonia where the tiny air sacs (called alveoli) are filled with pus, only THEN will you see "congestion" on a chest x-ray.

This doesn't mean your symptoms aren't real though. Your doctor is just trying to make sure you don't have a pneumonia brewing. When someone has a viral illness, sometimes the virus can irritate the airways to both cause excessive phlegm production as well as cause constriction so wheezing happens. Additionally, even after the virus is totally gone, the airways can remain irritated and inflamed for a few weeks to a few months resulting in a pesky cough that doesn't go away until then.

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