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Thank you for sharing your story! This has me intrigued-I definatly want to bring this up when I see my doctor for my follow-up in a few weeks. The doctor that saw me in the hospital in regards to the lung diagnosis, specializes in infectious disease... but I do not recall him mentioning this while I was there? It's pretty ironic because I was just reading about MAC last week after googling infectious lung processes...but didn't really make the connection until your post.

I am going to read up on it a but more tonight so I wont pepper you with questions ;) But one thing I did want to ask is if you had any symptoms prior to the discovery of the nodules...either time? My nodules were found because I got some sort of respiratory infection last March that I couldn't shake. High fevers, chills, bad cough....during a chest xray one of the doctors noticed the spot. My symptoms stopped after a few weeks and I was asymptomatic until I threw the 2 blood clots this summer. May not be related but at any rate pushed me to move forward with the removal of the nodule. SO- I really didn't have any symptoms aside from that initial respiratory bout therefore leading me to believe that whatever I might have is in a dormate state. They said outer edges were calcified and the inner nodule showed active infectious process going on.
Hmmm...I have so much I want to ask now- this email generated quite the thought process for me. Thank you ;)

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