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I am male, 33, obese (BMI 40) started getting left side chest pain, quite sharp around my breast and under but I am also burping a lot (100's time a day) and it seems to always clear it. i don't think i have any breathlessness - however sometimes its causes me to cough up bloody mucus which is my worry around PE.

This has been going on for a few weeks. Can you have multiple PE? Can it take several weeks to occur. I am sat here now having had bad feeling, cough up a bit of bloody mucus but also burping and pain gone down. If i breath in it makes no difference to the pain.

I have been to the docs this week and they took bloods etc and waiting for results, but felt bad again tonight. Bloody mucus has been going on for weeks mostly at night or morning.

If it was a PE would the pain stop or would it be constant? Would you always get pain thats worse when breathing in or really bad breathlessness?

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