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I will make this as short as possible. I came down with bronchitis on Aug 12th. A couple days before that I had a little cough but not severe. I had went on vacation in northern Michigan for 10 days prior to this. I had severe nasal swelling which was like breathing through a straw and chest sounded super congested when I coughed. I seen my doctor 2 times in 2 weeks and had an x-ray done which showed clear. My phlegm was green and yellow mostly. I also felt like I was always being choked around my neck as well. I seen an allergist on Aud 23rd and I was allergic to ragweed severly which I did not know. Also dogs cats dust and dust mites. Which I have 1 cat and 2 dogs. He put me on advair which after 2 weeks did nothing for me. I could not breathe well at all during this time. I had an inhaler that I had to use for asthma type attacks. I am sure the stress I was under was not helping. Before and after I got this.I seemed a little better in mid September probably because of cooler weather but still had cough and breathing problems with occasional wheezing. I was put on alvesco inhaler for 10 days now and I dont think it is helping that much. I do get relief with guafinex 600 1 time a day and albuterol with my sons nebulizer. I can actually break up all that mucus in my bronchials. I can cough stuff up but not alot but my breathing clears up quite well. It is either clear or white. Will I ever get over this ?
My doctor keeps assuring me this wont last forever but I am so tired of feeling like this.
Any insight would be much appreciated. I am starting to get depressed.
This has robbed my life for the past 3 months. It is hard to enjoy anything.

Thanks jeff

Thanks Jeff

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