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Hi all,

I recently had a rough bout with bronchitis about 4 weeks ago. About halfway through the brochitis I went out and played in a tennis tournament one afternoon. I ended up having a very bad period of coughing fits during and after the match. The next morning I had a small amount of blood in my sputum.

I subsequently went to my Doctor who proceeded to take chest X-rays and a sputum sample for testing. Both the X-ray and the sputum sample came back all clear. No further blood in my sputum since that morning.

I was a smoker - and due to the stuff above I got scared straight and have been smoke free for about 3 weeks. My question to the board is the following:

- I have now coughed up a small amount of brown sputum in the morning (twice in last week - one was a mornign after trying to play tennis again for a couple hours) and have a slight pain in my chest when I try to clear it out with a cough (the pain only recently started). The pain is relegated to the area just under or the to the left of my breastbone. Are these things the result of now having stopped smoking? If so then how long can I expect to experience this?

Thanks for your input on this.

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