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Hi, Here in England my Doctors surgery has been closed since Wednesday, and i have been ill since then. I have waited for them to open this morning and cannot get an appointment until tonight, which has really cheesed me off.
Doe anyone know if these symptoms sound like Pnuemonia.

I am very short of breath on exertion.
Wheezing, and strange noises in my chest.
I feel like i cant breathe properly.(but i am)
If i lay down at night its much worse, so i spent last night in an armchair.
My peak flow is down to 250
My chest is terribly sore.
I feel really really tired.
no appetite, no thirstyness.
Feels like a heavyweight or something like that on my chest.
And boy if i cough, i almost pass out, the cough just goes on and on and it feels like i am not going to get enough air in to be able to carry on breathing.
when i cough its really rattling and phlemgy.
And i have really bad back ache, especially low down.
And strangest of all, i have terrible hip pain in both sides of my hips. That one i just dont understand!!

Is this just a chest infection!

I am using my daughters Ashtma inhaler, which helps temporarily, and i really cant wait to see my DR tonight, as it is scaring me when i cant breathe.
I told the receptionist it was an emergency, but she still could not fit me in.

I do not have any flu or cold!!!

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