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Hi, my girlfriend has recently been coughing up black mucus, with some blood. She's thirteen. One night her throat was really swollen and had a hard time to breathe. She does NOT smoke, but her parents do. Her dad recently started to smooke inside the house and this is about the time she started to cough this stuff up.

She has a real runny nose and her throat is still a bit sore and hacks up mucus not very often. I looked this up online and it could be a sign of bronchitis and I told her that. I told her parents to please call a doctor, but her mom won't and refuses and just tells her she needs rest.

Her parents are divorced and she's going to ask her dad tomorrow to call and take her in. I'm trying to tell her mom that this is really serious and she needs to be taken in and checked out, but she refuses.

It is really worrying and bothering me and I would like to know your opinion about what she might have.. please reply.

Again, her symptoms (sorry, but my spelling is off from being jittery) are:

- Sore throat.
- Coughing up black stuff with mucus.
- Sometimes blood.
- She doesn't smoke.
- Her parents smoke.
- Runny nose.

Other than that, she hasn't been coughing at all, no fever or chills, but I know she had a tiny cold before this happened and I know that that sometimes leads to bronchitis..

I'm really worried and please reply with any help possible. If both of her parents refuse to even bother calling, I don't know what to do.. I'm going to tell my mom who is a nurse later tonight about it.

Thank you SO much for taking your time and reading this post.

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