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As i was smoking, i felt that my lungs got congested. So i told myself that i am gonna quit this bad habit. The following day, i got chest pains, and i was feeling discomfort in my chest for a week. In that week i could only sleep straight as both side of my ribs was in pain. i had chest pains on 25/10/08. While having this discomforts, i went swimming, felt good, then when i was watching tv or something, my lungs feels congested again.

On the 1/11/2008, i went to the hospital, did a ekg,ecg,x-ray all cleared bythe doctors. oxygen level in the lungs are running at full capacity as well. Reason on why went for the check up coz could not stand the congestion anymore. Then on the 6/11/2008, suddenly i had blood in sputum when i spit. it was fresh blood. freaked me out, and i went to see the ENT specialist. he told me that blood is from the nose. He put me on medication. On 10/11/2008, as i was taking out phelgm, when i spit on a tissue paper, i saw two dots of blood. Again i freaked out, went to the ENT specialist and then demanded to do a chest ct scan eventhough he says that it is not needed. It came out negative, good news!!! phew.....Everything was clear.

Then the following days, everyday when i take out phelgm, there is a dot of blood. ( about 10 days this happens ). Then no more dot of blood everyday. So everyday, i have nose congestion now, soemtimes i can breath with both of sides of my nose, usually some part will be congested.

After the ct scan was cleared, i still have pains at the strenum and under the strenum, then on 12/11/08, i went for a massage, this girl massage me and the pain under the strenum dissappeared. The pain at the strenum was still there, but slowly the pain went up and to the side, the pain was now at the chest bone/breast bone. Then my left shoulder blade begin to stiffen up, and now i will always need to move it to be comfortable. When i take deep breaths now, sometimes my left chest/breast bone is like blocking my breathing, then when i move the shoulder blade, then take deep breath, there is no problem. Then i started tonitice that my ribs on left and right started to have strains when i breath, or after eating a full meal or moving. To tell u the truth, now i am not sure whether the strain is a muscular pain or not!!

These days, after this months, i still have breathing difficulties. I can just sit and then feel that my breathing is not well. i need to take deeper breaths, sometimes slightly noisy, unsure if it is due to the nose congestion. Then when i go to gym, i could walk for an hour on a treadmill, speed 6.0. I could climb 20 stories of stairs at my condo. Then i noticed one thing, these days when i got to gym, to walk i get tired faster. Could this be due to the fact that i am not consistently exercising. Also, i did a stress test on 18/12/08, they say taht i am allright. But on the same day, i took a lung function test, teh heart doctor asked me whether i am asmatic? i say no, he asked me twice.On the same day, my mom brought me to see a lung specialist, he told my mom that the result is typical of a smoker. After 3 months i should be better as long as i quit smoking. Yes indeed i am getting better if compared to 25/10/08, but when i talk to people and get tired, my head suddenly yells, is this gonna be COPD?? i can talk to people at times and don;t get tired as well. When i feel anxiety is worst.

I really am depressed now. The guilt, the fear, my physical condition is killing me softly. now and then i always need to strech my upper body to stretch my bones. How do i differentiate muscular pains from those which is not. Soemtimes when i breath my right ribs ( side and back ) will hurt.

What is wrong? My feet is now aching!! I used to have numbness in my arms and feet, now that disappears. So, are this symptoms of COPD?lung cancer? smoking cessation??

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