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I'm not a doctor but a couple weeks ago I was told I have emphysema also. There are different stages of emphysema, I do know that much. I originally went to the doctor because of chest pains (which was from stress) and he ordered a number of tests, one being a chest x-ray. The CXR showed I have hyperinflated lungs which the doctor said that was emphysema and for me to stop smoking. I'm 39 yrs old and smoked for 20 yrs. He didn't refer me to a pulmonologist, just told me to stop smoking. I took it upon myself to make an appointment with a pulmonologist and he said the same thing "Stop Smoking". I'm showing NO symptoms ex. wheezing, coughing, etc but said if I stopped smoking I would be running around with my kids when they are teenagers (they are 5 & 7 now) . The pulomonlogist is doing a PFT test in June (I don't know why he's waiting 3 months) to check my lung capacity and whatever else the test shows.

I hope this helps.

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