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I'm new to this message board thing. I actually ended up here in my search for information. I was in the emergency room on Tuesday niht because I couldn't breathe. The doctor took a peak flow meter on me and I could only blow a 40. Yes I said forty. I was very loudly audibly wheezing and couldnt stop coughing. My oxygen saturation was only a 92. They immediately gave me a breathing treatment which consisted of Atrovent and Albuterol. At the end of the treatment I was still unable to breath and my oxygen saturation was down to 88 and my peak flow was 80. They gave me another treatment and still I couldnt stop coughing or wheezing so they took me to x-ray and then I got yet another treatment. The doctor came in and told me that I have Interstitial Lung Disease and that my x-rays were so impressively awful that he had to show another doctor just how bad my lungs were. They have started me on Methylprednisone, an inhaler every two hours, Zithromax, and Robitussin with Codeine and he told me that I need to have a repeat x-ray in 10 days and I need to see my usual physician. Thats all I have been told. In my search on the internet I have found several pages that say this is a terminal illness and that death usually occurs in four years from the onset of symptoms. Does anyone have any information regarding this? I also am wanting to find the cause for mine. I work in a substance abuse treatment facility that has a Composting facility right next to it and is actually situated right next to an airport. We are literally out in the boonies. The city or state or municipality decided that it would be appropriate to store contaminated soil all over the property surrounding our facility. I also must mention that the composting facility started composting fish last summer that caused an enormous infestation of flies literally millions of them in our facility. the compost also composts horse manure and I am anaphylactic to horses. Does anyone think that a mixtureof all of this could be the cause for my disease? The contaminated soil, the airport with all the jet fumes, the compost, the flies, the horse manure?

Please any information anyone could offer me would be greatly appreciated.

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