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Less then a week ago, I was swimming in a pool. Somebody decided to through someone into the pool and I happened to be where that person landed. Most of the impact connected on the upper right side of my back. It really really hurt. Now, when I breathe real hard, laugh, cough, etc, the upper part of my right lung hurts, closer to my chest. It also hurts when I move a certain way. This morning it was a constant pain because I was working, moving around alot, etc. It also tends to hurt closer to my back then my chest sometimes too. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? To me, it seems like that impact bruised or did something to my lung. It can't be cancer or an infection or anything can it? I dont have trouble breathing or anything. Someone please help. I really am worried about something happening to me. Thanks to anyone and everyone.

Sorry to hear of your accident. In my opinion, cancer is not likely. An impact on your lungs can result in a cracked rib or a pierced lung. Symptoms of bleeding include pounding in your ears (heartbeat) fatigue, anemia, and other things. I would get an x-ray if I were you. My uncle had a similar situation and found he had two cracked ribs and bruised lungs. If you are having a hard time getting a deep breath or pain in yyour left side toward the bottom of your rib cage, it could be your spleen. GO to the er!

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