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this was my post to the digestive disorders forum:

my name is peter, im 23... i ve been having these breathing issues for a lloonggg. time.. probably over 5 years... i can completely relate to this "trying to yawn feeling"... and fellin like not enough air is going into my lungs... i have seen a few doctors.. have had chest x-rays done, pulmonary funtion tests, and a blood test - all of which came out within norm... a also had an upper GI done.. .this showed some reflux... just a couple of days ago i went on nexium... i ll try it for a couple of weeks, to see if my breathing improves.. if so then this should be an indication that GERD is at least partly to blame... i should mention that initially, this problem would manifest itself after nights in smokey places (clubs, bars etc..) it would last for a couple of days and go away until next time... its only been in the last while where the feeling is almost constant (athough sometimes better then other times)... i can not really establish why it varies, or what has a major influence (beside smoke!) on how bad it gets... i started to keep a notebook with info on what i eat/drink where i am and so on, and a "rating" on how bad it is on the given day.. this might help to see what triggers it.. .
finally.. probably the most important part of my message.. i strongly believe that our problems might have to do with something called VCD...

the problem is that not a lot of doctors (at least here in toronto).. know about it...
i will see if the nexium changes my situation in any way... will keep you updated..


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Funny how a google search brought me here.

My name is Mike, I am 21 years old and have practiced fairly good fitness all my life...15 years of martial arts, enlisting in the National Guard at 17...upon graduation from basic training, I was running 4 miles everyday (I can't do that now, but hey, it happens.) I have never had a problem breathing until early 2006...I'm not certain exactly when it came about, just early in this year. I often have a desire to fill my lungs by taking deep breaths, or yawning...sometimes I find myself unable to yawn, but when I CAN yawn, it makes it better. When I force myself to breathe normally, I get a sensation like I'm starving for air, but my blood-oxygen levels are good, and my last breathing test (breathing into the tube) came out good. The doctor said I have very weak reactive airway disease, but no inhaler I've tried seems to make this need to take deep breaths go away. Also, this problem seems worse when my stomach is full, or when lying down (it keeps me from getting to sleep easily, which is why I'm up and typing this right now. I gave up on trying to sleep.) I'm just finishing a nasal spray/methylprednisone steroid combination that the doctor thought would help...they didn't. I'll be interested in keeping tabs on this thread and seeing if anyone can figure out what this is.

also, wendy...are you getting any post nasal drip? I seem to be getting A LOT. I find myself getting out of bed a lot to clear my throat and spit into the sink.

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