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i would get anything like this checked out.


If you go to the doctor you might have something called BLEBS, or something like that.

Blebs are like ruptured air sacs in your lungs, that release air into the pleural space, causing a collapsed lung.

My girlfriend is currently in this hospital for this very same thing; my girlfriend is in the hostpital for the second time in five weeks for this.

In a way, I almost think that she MIGHT'VE been better off not even going through with the whole chest tube thing.

Supposedly, these things heal themselves- in some occasions, if left alone.

My suggestion would be to inform yourself on anything the doctors tell you about, before letting them poke holes into you.

Hmm.. on the other hand... my girlfriend is a different case.

A few questions.. are any of you tall and skinny? I'm speaking to those who are complaining of the pain. Women who take birth control?

I-myself have pain in different areas. Mine is do to tension- i think..

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