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Yes, it could be bronchitis. Could be a number of things...Coughs from colds can last for several months. It's only been about 3-4 weeks.

The coughing can be from drainage from your nose/sinuses also. If you're coughing up green or yellow chunks, it's likely a bronchial infection of some sort that you'd need antibiotics for. If the cough is clear or just slightly white, it's likely the remnants of the cold that will just take some time to go away.

Going from cold to hot is common when you're coughing. It creates a lot of body heat.

If you don't feel ill other than the cough, such as chest pain, fever, general ill feeling, then you'll probably be ok. But do see the doctor is you're coughing up yucky looking or smelling stuff OR if it doesn't start to get better in another month or so.

Since you have allergy problems already, an inhaler of some sort may help you get over this faster.

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