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a few years ago i went to my last rave. it was SOOOOOOOO packed, the 3 rooms had so many people and it was so hot and you werent allowed to bring in any water or drinks, u had to buy them and they sold out fast. i went to the bathroom to get some water but the floor was flooded. there were people from other states there and the 3 rooms werent all that big. i felt water dripping on me at one point and looked up and saw moisture was dripping from the ceiling! we wrent allowed to leave and there was only one room that was really open to fresh air which was the garage and there were people smoking there. i was there for hours like usual, dancing around, hugging everyone etc. i drank water from whomever i saw had a bottle. well 5 am we leave and it was SOOOOOOO cold and wet outside. at 1st when i left the party i told my friend lets go to another after hours party but w/in minutes of standing outside walking to the car i immediately felt ill. my body shivered since it was cold and wet, i was grinding my teeth so hard and i told myself i wasnt going to make it to the car (which we were lost and took forever to find). im a quiet person and just sat there hoping to get back home soon. once i get home i wash up and when i looked in the mirror my face was paper white, literally. i mean white like white out not just pale; but at the time i didnt care becos i was so tired. the next day i wake up and was pretty sick and just assumed it was dehydration. well w/in days i started coughing badly and eventually lost my voice. i was coughing up dark green/brown/black stuff that was really thick and gross. i went to see a dr who checked me for hepititas which i didnt have. i then had to go to another place to get a blood test done or something and whatever that was for was clean. well it took months to finally recover my voice fully (i was in a band and sang so that sucked). its been a few years and ever since then, every winter i develop this cough again. its not severe just a cough but its annoying. ive been coughing for almost 2 mos straight now, usually when i talk or sing or breath heavily. i dotn really cough up lung butter but maybe a tiny bit. should i visit a dr and tell them about this? i already went that one time and they told me nothing was serious like hepititas. but this cough is annoying, i mean 2 mos? and its happened every year since the 1st time.

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