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Hi there. I am having a very worriesome problem, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what might be the problem. I was a long time smoker, but about a month ago I quit, because I started feeling real crappy in my lungs. Since then, I have been so sick...I have shortness of breath, a sore chest; and a sore upper back area. That is getting a bit better. I went to my doctor: he took some blood; tested it; had me get a chest x-ray. I was told a week later that the tests show I do not have a chronic lung disease. That is all well and good, but I still have the same problem: tightness/soreness in my chest; shortness of breath. I have had sinus problems lately; and people in my household have been sick. I also notice my nose starts to tingle; then I'll start sneezing...then I feel my head start to clog up; my ears have been ringing a over a week now. The tests showed I don't have pnenomia (sp?). This has been going on over 3 weeks now. How worried should I be? Coughing hasn't been bad at all; just started coughing a little now and then, the past couple of days. Could this be treated with anti-biotics? I've never had such long time lung head cold is nothing compared to my chest soreness and shortness of breath. I haven't smoked since I quit, and don't ever want to smoke again: not after what I've been through lately...debbie

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