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Hi, Dale. In my case, I think my problem isn't asthma...or at least not the majorityof my problem. The last doctor visit I had, my doctor had me breathe into this took 10 minutes or so to finish. Then they had me wait another 10-15 minutes; then he did that peak flow meter exhulation test on me. I was able to blow it just 10 further points; up to 390. My doctor says I should be at 430 for my age, etc...before I had the exhulation test redone, the nurse said that if that breathing treatment didn't work, then it meant I had a more serious problem. I have kind of come to accept the prognosis. What I don't understand is this: I understand emphysema...its progressive. With some of these other diseases, if a person stops smoking, I've heard that the damage slows down (like you said). But does the damage still prgress, none-the-less? I've noticed that some people with lung diseases get bad real fast...others last for 20 years before they get real sick. I'm just not understanding the difference between just having damaged lungs from years of smoking, and a COPD disease (except for emphysema; that one I understand more about). I notice I have all lot of phlem in my throat; I spit it out as much as I can. I guess this means the cilica is no longer working. I don't have a cough though; or hardly a cough at all. But I have sore upper back and chest region...I am making myself exercise; walk for an hour. I notice I tire faster...its more of a strain than it used to be. If I keep walking, and eating right, I'm still going to do downhill anyway...I just wonder how long it'll take. I'd rather have lung cancer (my dad died of that). As bad as that is, it gets over quick. But I no longer am stressing out over it. What's done is done....I wish you the best too, Dale. Post whenever you feel like it. I'd like to know how you're coming along. I'll do the same; let you know what happened when I see my Pulminologist on the 11th. Good luck at your appointment, too. Lets stay in touch! Deb

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