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It's been about 30 yrs since being in the nursing field so I'll give you an outdated guess. the pain in the left quadrant in your chest is probable over strained muscle from out of shape diaphram. The IBS is a whole different matter. Your anxiety level is sky high right? That to can produce pain and strain in suspicious areas like the chest. Since you started bike riding which puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders which put strain on the diaphram muscles and ligaments, and you are out of shape so easily could happen. Test it by poking your finger at the site of discomfort to see if it produces the pain. I wouldn't worry there but I'm no Dr. Usually pluerisy(inflamation of the lungs produces pain on deep breathe) if you have GERD chest pain can occur inhale or exhale from the esophagus spasm. Have you been checked for that? Hyperventilation, panic attacks can also. Air conditioning is also suspect, I for one can not tolerate it as I end up with sinus infections bronchitis and once pneumonia lots of people have sensitivities to that. Tension can produce symptoms to places unrelated to the source. Your previous diet sounded atrocious but you know that, you may be setting off IBS just by making changes so it will take time. IBS is a very complicated syndrom and it usully is diagnosed once everything else hs been elimanated, it is also a catch all term like COPD encompassed asthma bronchitis etc, IBS can mean any of the diseases of the digestive tract. My daughter has it and she gets real bad bouts when she eats anything, it isn't easily fixed is what I'm saying, you need to find the culprits first then elimanate one by one. So maybe you can work with your Dr on that one as it is a slow process to find the bad guys. Good luck on the not smoking to.

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