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I'm gonna start with family background, which is that my father's father has diabetes. My father does not have diabetes, but his triglycerides are high as is his sugar - so he's on a strict diet now.

Here's my personal background: Up until four weeks ago I was a very overweight college kid, 23 years old and 270 lb.s at 5-10, who lived on cheese, cigarettes and coca-cola. I have been diagnosed with IBS, as I average over 20 trips to the toilet every day - my GI believes that cigarettes and cola help me regulate myself stress/anxiety wise and offered no suggestions as to their replacements. Nonetheless, my stomach is easily upset - right after I eat, I have the urge to go to the bathroom. About half the times I have to go, I actually produce something.

As of a month ago, I am in summer school finishing up my final undergraduate credits. I must awake at 6am and I get home at 3pm. Due to my IBS problems, I avoid eating till 3pm so that I will be able to stay in class and rest easy regarding my stomach. As a result I have been drinking alot of caffeine in coffee and cola and smoking a cigarette immediately upon waking in order to go to the bathroom before i leave for school. During a schoolday, I smoke around 10-12 cigarettes.

Four weeks ago I had my usual two cheese sticks and pizza for lunch and mozerrela sticks for dinner - I spent the following day and a half on the toilet, I did not eat or sleep, and I finished a couple of softcovers in the process. After this experience I swore to cut milk out of my intake once and for all, believing milk to be the source of my IBS and weight problems.

At the same time I bought myself a mountain bike and started biking about 5 miles in one hour - I took it easy, and was feeling great. Then I upped the mileage to ten mile in one hour - not that easy, but not terribly hard. That same day that I upped the milage I happened to be at a resturaunt where the a/c blew straight on me, and was bedridden with a cold sweat for the next two days. Any trace of a/c made me sicker and my chest hurt a bit, so I cut down on the smoking to about 5 a day.

As I was recoverring from this, I realized that I might not be eating right due to the lack of milk, so I started taking tums and multivitamins to make up for the calcium, A and D that I figured I was lacking. I have a good protein food at least once a day, like salmon, eggs, peanut butter or tuna, and I eat very little or no fatty foods. I have at least two pieces of bread every day, usually more, like a bagel.

Since adopting this much more healthier style I have lost almost 20 pounds (without really dieting - just cutting out milk products) and I am biking very well. HOWEVER, I have a slight chest pain in the upper left portion of my chest some nites. This pain is not too sharp, nor sustained - it is always on the exhale, and I feel great inhaling to capacity. The pain lasts until I lie stomach-down, probably reacting to pressure on it. When the pain is gone, I usually have a panic attack that starts my heart racing, and thus it is usually best to lie down and call it a night when the pain occurs.

Since this newer pain started it comes generally in the afternoon of a day in which i excersized in the morning. It last a few minutes, and goes away when I lie down on it. Scanning the boards, possibilities include excersize-caused asthma, angina, musculo-skeleto problems, etc. I also do not disregard the possibility of air conditioning and general summer aridness and humidity affecting my system. I have a sneeking suspicion, that since I cut out milk, I have not been eating right in one way or another and have thus weakened my immune system making it vulnerable to teh slightest a/c effect. I don't know how much water his holds - just my belief.

I have no idea what any of this means. I had my last cigarette two days ago and do not foresee myself ever smoking again (for some odd reason, chest pains scare me). I also have not excersized in two days. The top-left chest pain has not come back, however, there is a feeling in my lungs as if I just finished a cigarette - even though I haven't. I'll credit that to quitting. I am taking it easy, trying not to freak out - professional or amateur diagnoses are welcome.

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